KTN TV presenter saves a form 2 boy caught stealing in Westlands

Tonny Ndungu 1 hour ago 3025
– A form two boy escaped lynching in Westlands  when he was caught stealing and trying to rape his victim 
– The boy who has sneaked from school to reportedly, ‘satiate hunger pangs’, was beaten to within inches of his life by an irate mob that complained of an increased rate of crime in the neighborhood 
– He was saved by KTN’s Jamal Gadaffi who summoned police officers- the boy was taken to hospital pending further probe into his actions 
A form two boy, on the night of Monday, June 20, was given a savage beating after he was caught stealing in Westlands. At the time, he was still in his school uniform and had reportedly sneaked from school to rob loners who walk in the night, alone.
In his defense, he said that he had not had any food for a week and  was dangerously hungry at the time he was caught holding on to a woman at a dimly lit neighborhood in the dark of the night.
The woman who was a victim of the amateur thief revealed that before her neighbor saw the tussle near their gate, the boy was choking her while demanding that she surrenders all that she had on her bag.
Her next door neighbor screamed alerting the guards who were manning a neighboring family house. The boy was caught  while trying to flee from the scene.
The mob that came to witness the late night spectacle beat up the boy with some making an order for kerosene to torch the thief.
The woman who had been waylaid by the boy also revealed that the kid had demanded for sex before near-strangling her.
Watch the video below:
It took the intervention of  KTN’s  Jamal Gadaffi to save the boy from a possible lynching. He summoned police officers from the area who came to the rescue.
The boy was taken to hospital bleeding profusely while he awaits possible prosecution.


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