Tanzania Witch-Doctor Jailed After Failing To Resurrect Dead Man

Ramenya Gibendi 6 months ago 17323
A court in Tanzania has sentenced a witch-doctor to three years in jail after he was found guilty of obtaining money from a client with the promise to resurrect her brother but failed.
The witch-doctor, known as Manyaunyau, was also fined KSh 1.4  million which is to be paid after he has served his jail sentence.
Manyaunyau was found guilty of obtaining KSh 1.4 million from his client Tekra Modesta also a Tanazian national with the promise to raise her brother from the dead.
The witch-doctor received the alleged payment in two phases; one in May 2007 and the other in May 2008 but his magical powers apparently failed to execute the task as he had promised.

Manyaunyau the witch-doctor is said to have rose t fame when he once identified and killed a snake that was killing residents of Manzese Midzini mysteriously and had been said to be causing havoc to the village.
He is known among other things, to drinking the blood of a cat before embarking on his acts.


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