Cyrus Jirongo's daughter cheats death, son-in-law shot dead

Edward Chweya 2 hours ago 15365
– Former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo’s son-in-law was shot dead along Riara Road as his girlfriend watched
– Two motorbike riders pulled the trigger on the American after he refused to give them a laptop
– The deceased also saved Jirongo’s daughter by pushing her aside after the gunmen pointed at her
– Jirongo now believes political assassinations are back in full swing
Cyrus Jirongo, a former Lugari Member of Parliament, has narrated how boyfriend to his daughter was assassinated by unknown assailants as the girlfriend watched.
Appearing on Jeff Koinange show on Wednesday, June 22, Jirongo narrated how the assassins attacked the two while they were driving along Riara Road in Nairobi.
The former legislator said that two motorbike riders rode past their car and stopped in front of them. They then demanded that the American boyfriend to his daughter, Sally, hands over a laptop they were having.
The boyfriend asked why they should give them the laptop and the gunmen pulled a gun and pointed at Sally’s head.
The American boyfriend named Ford pushed Sally aside only for the gunmen to shoot him on the head.
“They turned the gun and pointed at my daughter. He then moved in and pushed my daughter out of the way of the barrel of the gun. They turned on this young man and just shot him,” Jirongo said.
Ford was rushed to the hospital but died.
His body was flown to America and his burial is happening in South Carolina.
Jirongo also claimed that there are people who want to assassinate him after he criticized a number of top officials in the Jubilee government.
He said that after the death of his son-in-law, his daughter received a text message that apparently was meant for her father.
The text message sent on June 2, 2016, warned that Jirongo should shut up or lose his life.
“Wewe ujichunge sana hiyo mdomo yako na ukishindwa tutakuonyesha kuizima (Be warned, shut up or we shut you up),” the message warned.
Jirongo further says that a friend of his also received the same text.
He now believes that political assassinations are back in full swing to silence those opposed to the system.
On May 5, 2016, vocal city businessman Jacob Juma was assassinated and his body found dumped in his car along Ngong Road.
Jirongo claimed that investigators should grill Deputy President William Ruto who he said Juma once slapped and whom Juma had on several occasions claimed wanted to assassinate him.
“..If the Inspector General of Police is sincere, Jacob Juma slapped William Ruto some time back. That is where investigations should start,” Jirongo claimed.
His words triggered an angry reaction from Ruto’s camp. The DP refuted the claims and threatened to sue Jirongo for defamation.
“Whoever has information regarding businessman Jacob Juma’s death should share with police and not take the same to funerals,” Ruto defended himself.


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