Boys hitch 10 hour ride on a Greenline Safaris bus' chassis

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– Two young young boys secretly enjoyed a ride on the chassis of a bus to Nairobifrom Chwele, bungoma county
– The management of Greenline Safaris discovered them after spending 10 hours, overnight on the road
– They are set to be returned to their home town of Chwele by the bus company today, Thursday, June 23
Two young boys from Bungoma county dared to defy the norm by taking a bus ride to Nairobi- on its chassis.
This is despite the cold and rainy weather that is currently being experienced in the country as well as the heat generated by the engine of the vehicle.
According to the Greenline Bus company management, the boys were found on the chassis today morning, Thursday, June 23, after the bus left Chwele, Bungoma county last  night.
“We are taking them back to Chwele tonight and they will be in our office by morning. In case you know them, please inform their parent,” posted the management on their Facebook page.
While it is not known if the children are urchins, they showed panic when they were discovered lying below the body the bus.
Boys hitch 10 hour ride on a Greenline Safaris bus' chassis
Two young boys traveled on the chassis of a Greenline Safaris bus from Bungoma to Nairobi. Photo: Greenline management
It is  wonder how they got on the bus considering how bus parks are full of people including passengers and porters loading luggage into and onto the bus.
The boys were in danger of falling off the chassis and risked being crashed by vehicles trailing the bus or serious injuries from high impact falls.
Boys hitch 10 hour ride on a Greenline Safaris bus' chassis
A bus belonging to Greenline Safaris enroute. Image: Greenline Safaris
Greenline Safaris company operates long distance buses between Nairobi to Kitale, Bungoma and Kisumu.


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