House help caught after forcing child to lick her private parts

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– A woman in Eastleigh section 3, Nairobi returned home unannounced and found her house help naked in the kitchen 
– On inquiry from her child, she learnt that the house help was fond of staying naked around the house and was forcing the young child to lick her private parts 
– The woman says that she has taken her child to hospital severally over bacterial infections and it finally dawned on where they were coming from
A woman in Nairobi was shaken  to the core when she returned home to find her house-help in the kitchen stark naked. She was cooking.
The 30-year-old woman had left for work in the morning but got arrested on the way for speeding. She works at a local telecommunication firm according to  the Standard which broke the story.  She is a marketer.
Upon inquiry, the maid told her that she was naked because she was  on her way to the shower. On scrutiny however,  the woman did not find any preparation for the said shower. There was neither a towel in sight nor a clean set of clothes to wear after the shower.
The woman also revealed that her daughter had been giving her problems during showers by refusing to get dressed after. The young girl who is in kindergarten told her mother that even her auntie- the housemaid, pranced naked around the house all the time.
The child who was interrogated by the mother also revealed that her ‘auntie’ made her lick her private parts every time her mother  left the house for work.
The shocking revelation shed light on why  the young child was always suffering from bacterial infections week after week. Her mother who took her to the hospital confirmed to the standard that laboratory results showed that her saliva was mixed with vaginal fluids.
The woman is currently contemplating suing her house-help for molesting her child while hoping that the young one did not contract any sexually transmitted infections.
Recently, a house help was caught on camera adding her urine to her boss’s smoothie in the kitchen. The act was after an altercation with her boss in earlier in the day and she was seeking revenge.
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