Kuria, Waititu allegedly held over hate-mongering

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– Seven MPs have been summoned to record statements with the DCI over hate speech remarks they made 
– They include Moses Kuria and Ferdinand Waititu who arrived at the DCI headquarters on Monday, June 13
– They are said to have been detained after recording the statements
– It is not clear if they spent the night behind bars but it’s understood efforts were made by Starehe MP Maina Kamanda to have them released
– Kuria had called for the assassination of opposition leader Raila Odinga while Waititu had called for the forceful circumcision of Luos in Nairobi
Unconfirmed reports indicate that MPs Moses Kuria and Ferdinand Waititu were held at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on the evening of Monday, June 13.
The two legislators had arrived at Kiambu Road to record statements over hate speech remarks they made over the weekend while addressing church goers in Kiambu county.
Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet had ordered that seven MPs, Kuria and Waititu among them, record statements over hate speech remarks they made.
Kuria and Waititu who heeded to the order arrived at the DCI offices along Kiambu Road and after recording statements, they were allegedly held as they were told they were not allowed to leave.
The detention of the two controversial MPs was reported by a section of the media. Capital FM reported that the MPs had been held at the DCI.
At around 9 pm Monday, Starehe MP Maina Kamanda and others are said to have arrived at the DCI offices and camped there, saying they would not leave until the two legislators were set free.
NTV reporter Kevin Mutai reported from the DCI offices that indeed Kamanda and other Jubilee leaders had arrived to demand the release of the two.
However, it is not still clear if the two were eventually released as demanded by their colleagues.
Kuria and Waititu were caught on camera spreading hate speech by saying that opposition leader Raila Odinga should be assassinated and Luos in Nairobi be forcefully circumcised.
Kuria said that Raila should be shot dead, his supporters demonstrate for a week and forget the whole thing.
“We won’t be troubled by one person forever. He can as well bite the bullet and we bury him next Monday. His protesters will throw stones for just one week and life continues. If it’s war they want it’s what they’ll get. Tell Raila he can bite the bullet but if they want peace they should come and let us negotiate,”Kuria said in his native Kikuyu language.
On his part, Waititu apparently called for the forceful circumcision of Luos in Nairobi county.
Their remarks came just a day after Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri was recorded calling for the eviction from Nakuru of members of the Luo community and all Raila supporters.
The remarks prompted CORD leaders Junnet Mohammed, Timothy Bosire, Aisha Jumwa and Johnstone Muthama to give the government an ultimatum to arrest the three or they mobilise their supporters to defend themselves.
In a strong-worded statement, the ODM leaders also said they would lead mass protests to demand the arrest of the hate-mongers and the removal of IEBC commissioners from office.
This prompted IG Boinnet to demand that the opposition leaders too record statements with the police.
However, speaking on NTV on Tuesday, June 14, Junnet dismissed the summons issued to the ODM leaders saying they committed no offense by demanding that the government arrests Kuria and his colleagues.
“I think the inspector general wanted us to escort Kuria and Waititu to the police, it was not a summon to us,” Junnet said.
The latest remarks by the leaders from across the political divide are likely to spur ethnic differences as the country heads to another general election.
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