The chilling narration of a school boy in Murang'a who is possessed by demons

Tonny Ndungu 2 hours ago 14444
– A 13-year-old boy from Murang’a county has shocked residents after confessing of being possessed by the devil 
– Macharia, has reportedly been working with the help of his  teacher who recruited him in causing road accidents around his  neighbor hood 
– He says that he has been promised a lot of money if he can manage to kill his own mother
Residents of Kianyaga, Murang’a county have registered angst after a primary boy confessed that he was a devil worshiper. He has been having seizures speaking in a strange toungue and has to be restrained by at least four men when he becomes possessed.
While talking to K24 news reporters , the young boy who is barely into his teens revealed that he was recruited into devil-worshipping by his teacher.
In his narration, he revealed how he was constantly visiting the Indian ocean in his spirit, accompanied by his teacher.  The spirits carry them to the centre  of the ocean where they are taken under the ocean by creatures that look like mermaids.
Deep in the ocean they are taken by spirits and made to drink human blood. The boy, prior to the K24 interview, narrated that he had been promised a lot of money if he managed to kill his own mother.
His mother, who has since,  sought medical and divine help,  was scared of her safety. His son on several occasions, had cut her using a razor blade only to eat the bloodied razor after the act.
The chilling narration of a school boy in Murang'a who us possessed by demons
The boy, restrained by his family during one of his seizures.
In addition to the blood-thirst, the 13-year-old Macharia has been vomiting metal pieces despite having no idea of ever ingesting them.
What shook the residents of the little commune in Kianyaga was the cold tale of how, in collusion with his teacher, they caused an accident by wrestling the steering wheel from a truck driver causing a head on collision with a private car.
The fatal accident happened near Kambiti on the Meru- Nairobi highway. A woman and her child perished at the said accident. The resulting blood, the kid narrated, was taken to Mombasa for use in the demonic rituals.


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