8 UAE residents convert to Islam at Dr Zakir talk

Filed on June 18, 2016

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The fresh Muslims were mesmerised by the thorough and persuasive answers

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Over 15,000 people, men and women, from various nationalities flocked to the Rashid bin Mohammed Ramadan Gathering, Khawaneej-1 on Friday to enjoy the Question & Answer session of prominent Indian scholar Dr Zakir Naik.
The almost 2-hour talk, the second for Dr Naik, saw eight new Muslims, including five men and three women, originally hailing from India, Philippines, Uganda and Nigeria, who willingly accepted Islam.
The fresh Muslims were mesmerised by the thorough and persuasive answers supported with specific references from all scriptures which Dr Naik gave to their queries about Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism, etc.
In his first lecture 'Media & Islam' on Thursday, Dr Naik proved that the maximum damage done to the image of Islam today is by international media which bombards misconceptions about it day and night using an array of strategies.
In answer to non-Muslims' queries, Dr Naik clarified a number of misconceptions about Islam. "Eighty percent of Quran verses have proved scientifically correct while none of the remaining 20 percent on ambiguous issues, such as angels, jinni, hereafter, and soul contradicts science."
Hereafter is the only logical proof that robbery and evils are bad, he added. "It is evil for us but worthy for robbers," he explained. "Considering that there is a day of judgment for wrong doers to be punished and good doers to be rewarded is the only recompense and logical proof."
Welcoming the conversion of some non-Muslims into Islam, Dr Naik kept emphasizing "it is totally prohibited to force anyone into Islam; people should embrace Islam with their own free will."
In answer to a question on the difference between the mission of Prophet Muhammad and Jesus (PBUT), he said the message of all the 124,000 messengers and prophets sent to humanity is 'Believe in one God, and worship Him alone'.
"All messengers were sent to their peoples only and for a specific time whereas Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent to all mankind till the Day of Judgment as prophesied in all scriptures."
"God has no image and Muslims concentrate on nothing but the meanings of the Quran verses they recite while praying," Dr Naik answered another query. "One should follow the messenger and not worship him either in Islam or Christianity."    
Urging, he said all new Muslims would better seek advice from a local centre or other Muslims or consult his youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/Drzakirchannel) to know better about Islam and practice it in a proper way.
Associating a partner with Allah is the utmost sin, he told a one-year-old Muslim who was not practicing worship on a regular basis. "No worries, keep trying step by step, and you will be a regular worshipper, God willing."
In answer to a question why God lets some people, who are all His creatures, die of hunger, thirst, disease, or suffer, Dr Naik said life is a test. "The rich is tested to know if he will give for charity or not, and the poor is tested to find out if he will have patience and worship Allah or not."
Dr Hamada Al Shaibani, director general of the department of Islamic affairs and charitable activities in Dubai, told Khaleej Times that they are in charge of the 15th edition of the multi-programme event.
"It took us only 20 days to get everything perfectly done and move the Forum, previously run by the Dubai department of tourism & commerce marketing, to new venue at the Khawaneej-1."
The function, renamed after the late Shaikh Rashid bin Mohammed, is not only limited to lecture programme, he added. "It also includes daily contests, heritage activities, and many others that a big number of people coverts to Islam after being touched by the spiritually uplifting atmosphere."

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