Wife slashes unfaithful husband's crotch for affair with friend

Sarah Adoyo Yesterday 33550
– A wife found out that her husband had an affair with her best friend
– She tricked the man to remove his trousers and managed to slash his genitals with a box cutter
– The crying man was later found in street covering his bleeding wound with an ice pack
– The man was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery and is recovering
Wife slashes unfaithful husband's crotch for affair with friend
A husband is left bleeding in the street in Thailand after his scorned life slashed his penis with a box cutter
Paramedics in the Thai tourist spot of Pattaya found a man screaming in agony in the middle of the street after his wife took a revenge on him.
According to local media reports, the man, known only as Somchai, had been having sex with his wife’s best friend for some time and paid the price.
After finding out about the affair the offended woman managed to lure her husband feigning she wanted to have sex with him and removed his trousers.
And when he just relaxed, she put her evil plan into action — she produced a box cutter and slashed his manhood almost severing it.
Wife slashes unfaithful husband's crotch for affair with friend
His wife had lured him into taking his trousers off when he thought she would perform a sex act but she produced the knife and attacked him
What is even more surprising is that when he started heavily pouring with blood and began screaming his wife called in ambulance and even went to the hospital with him.
The cheater has reportedly suffered from severe psychological trauma and loss of blood. He is currently recovering, while police are waiting to question him about the attack.
It’s unclear whether the man will report his spouse to police and what kind of punishment she will  get if found guilty.


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