Footage of Kisumu residents looting a supermarket

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– New footage show protesters in Kisumu weaving their way through backstreets, bearing in their arms stuff looted from Tumaini supermarket-  a supermarket in Kondele, Kisumu
– The looting came after a fierce battle between protesters and the anti-RIOT police in the town, a faction broke off from the protests and looted supermarkets when attendants scampered for safety 
On Monday, June 6, a spattering of Kenyans with allegiance to  the Coalition for Reforms and Development (CORD)  took to the Kenyan streets. They had been implored by their leaders to protest. IEBC, Kenya’s electoral body, had to be disbanded ahead of the 2017 general election.
The protests, previously vouched to be peaceful, turned chaotic after they were given the nod by the law courts as constitutional. Scores were injured in Kisumu, where protesters in new footage have been seen making away with goods, looted from the Tumaini supermarket.
Footage of Kisumu residents looting a supermarket
Naivas branch Kisumu bore the brunt of the protests when protesters threw rocks, breaking glass before looting the store. Image source:
The protesters who broke away from the main faction got into the supermarkets and made away with stuff as some of the attendants scurried for safety.
Unlike previous protests however, this time no cases of violent confrontations between police and demonstrators were reported in Nairobi
Video: Kisumu residents loot Tumaini  supermarket in the wake of anti-IEBC protests. Video Source: Just Another Kenyan. 
This was despite a multitude of protesters who lit bonfires in Kibera, caused havoc along Ngong road before making their way into town.
The CORD has warned that the protests will continues with two days next week unless the IEBC officers leave office or the government gives in to demands from the opposition and agrees to dialogue.
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