Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Goobaale Delegation: An Insult to People

By Mohamed A. Dubet
Nov 29, 2012

The Somali government's recent delegation led by former Jubba Valley Alliance Leader, Goobaale,a seasoned warlord who headed the now defunct Jubba Valley militia, which had caused immense suffering and bloodshed in Jubbaland not so long ago and in the days before Shabab control, accompanied by the AMISOM spokesman, the Djiboutian colonnel, Ali Hamud, whose country is strongly opposed to the creation of Jubbaland administration among other officials, was an insult to the peace loving people of Jubbaland.

The Somali presidency is following the misguided path of allowing outsiders to meddle in the affairs of Jubbland where they do not hail from and in which they committed crimes against the local people. If it goes on,this blatant interference of internal matters in contradiction of Somalia's federal constitution is sure to kill the pacification effort of the country and the good will of the local population towards the new Somali government.

Crimes Against Humanity The interim Jubbaland authority made a wise decision in refusing warlord Goobaale's entourage access to Kismanyo city. Had they allowed them in, they would have denied justice to the hundreds of thousands of victims of warlord Goobaale's marauding militia from Gulgudud region in central Somalia, which occupied Jubbaland in the years before the terrorist takeover. Jubbaland under warlord Goobaale, the late warlord Seerar and his ally Barre Hirale,another warlord from central Somalia, was the scene of daily killing of innocent civilians, rape of women and girls, kidnapping for ransom, looting of property and torching of buildings belonging to the local people. Read more

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