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Ayesha's Role in Islam

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ترجمے کے لئے یہاں جائیں

As said in previous articles, the Shias have great respect and reverence for wives of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the Ummul momineen, wives such as Hz Khadija and Hz Umme Salammah. Ayesha however has been a source of great dispute between the different Islamic Schools of thought.
Does this conflict in views regarding Ayesha and the hype due to the fact that she was Abu Bakr's daughter or it is due to the fact that she was one of the eleven wives of the Prophet? Ayesha no doubt was a wife of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and thus she is the one of the Ummul momineen, or Mother of the believers. Where does the arguement lie?
Sunnis claim,
  • Ayesha was the favorite wife of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  • Ayesha was the best woman and the best wife of Prophet (SAW)
  • Ayesha is the mother of all believers
  • Ayesha and other wives of the Prophet (SAW) are a part of the Ahlulbayt
Thus love and respect for Ayesha is compulsory. The sunni brethren conclude that any insult or disrespect against Ayesha is a disrespect to the Prophet.
The Shias however say that;
  • Ayesha was not the favorite wife of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  • Ayesha was not even the best woman of her own time
  • Ayesha is not a part of the blessed Ahlulbayt
  • Ayesha was jealous of other wives of Prophet (SAW)
  • Ayesha used to plot against the Prophet (SAW) himself
  • Ayesha used to fight with other wives of Prophet (SAW)
  • Ayesha used to argue with Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and her jealousy used to come in between her obedience to the Prophet
  • Ayesha fought against Imam Ali, the Khalifa e Rashid and the Great Sahabi
  • Ayeshas' coming out of her house during The battle of Camel (Jamal) was against the clear verdict of the Quran itself
  • Ayesha is the mother of believers but her actions will declare if she was a good mother or the sort of a mother who needs to be dissociated from
  • Previous wives of Prophets such as Nuh (AS) and Lut (AS) will be in hell due to the sin they committed thus being a wife of a Prophet is no merit
  • Criticism against Ayesha for her transgression against Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his ahlulbayt and laws of Allah is not in anyway a disrespect to the Prophet (SAW), but is a sign of our love for Prophet (SAW), his ahlulbayt and the laws of Allah
I in no way want to disrespect anyone's feelings. But you must realize where should our loyalty lie. Being emotionally linked with a non-divine personality may result in transgression against those who are the blessed and the chosen people of Allah.    

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